Horse Burial


It’s a very sad task, but one of reality…. We will offer burial services on the farm for horses that either die or need to be euthanized. You may trailer your horse in. It is not a requirement that you be a boarder on the farm. The charge for burial is $400.

You will be free to come visit your friend afterwards for as long as we own the farm. We do already have several horses buried on the farm – a couple in the pastures, a couple under cross-country jumps, and Omar down at the hound cemetery.

We will need to discuss location of the grave ahead of time- if and when the time comes. It may or may-not be marked, depending on location. We have to be able to mow without restriction, and we don’t want to damage the roots of trees.

I know it’s not something that any of us want to think about, but it is a reality of life. And it is something to certainly give some fore-thought to so it doesn’t take anyone by surprise when a decision might suddenly be right there in front of you. If you choose not to be here with the vet, we will make sure your horse has a personal and compassionate depart, and is buried in a comfortable pose, with carefully placed hay below and above him, and with the head covered with a towel or blanket. We will certainly include any personal items you may want in the grave with your departed friend.