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Pasture Board is by far the most popular boarding option at The Perry Plantation. Horses are living in the most natural, relaxed environment possible – just as nature intended! With plenty of room to ramble throughout the day, they are generally seen just swishing their tails, grazing. In the late afternoon, it is not unusual to see the deer and sandhill cranes right in there with them!

Horses are kept in small herd groups of 4-7 horses. They have free range of their pasture which is fenced with field fence around the farm perimeter, topped with electric cord fencing. Automatic waterers are located in each pasture, as well as a run-in shed to protect them from the weather. The free-choice coastal hay is also kept in the shed, to keep it dry, and is fed in a hay net, contained within a hay ring, to provide slow, constant forage for your horse throughout the day. In addition, there are shade trees in each pasture.

Pasture board includes our standard feed which is a 50/50 blend of a 10% sweet feed and 12% pellet, and is fed twice a day. You have full use of the pasture & training facilities, and the 527 fenced acres for safe riding.