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Misty Morning Hounds Drag Foxhunting Club


Guidelines and Forms

Misty Morning Hounds is a private drag pack in the Ocala-Gainesville / North-Central Florida area. The Hunt was organized in 1995 by Alexis and Walter Macaulay, MFHs, with the drafting of 7-1/2 couple of Foxhounds from the Middlebury Hunt in Connecticut. The Hunt became registered in 1997 by the Masters of Foxhounds Association and then Recognized in 1999. Hunt country encompasses roughly 80,000 acres of mostly public land owned or managed by the St. Johns River Water Management District, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, and Georgia Pacific, as well as several private farms. Hunting is twice a week from October through March. Jumping is not required and typically there is a tally-ho wagon for non-riding spectators. A limited number of field hunters are available for hire.