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Private Pasture Board has all the advantages of Pasture Board, except that your horse has it’s own individual private pasture and run in shed. This is a nice option for horses that have back shoes, that need extra care, or have special feeding needs such as alfalfa hay, etc. They are adjacent to other pastured horses, so they have the feel of natural herds, but are isolated from interaction with them.

There is storage at the Pasture Board Barn for the individual needs of the horse, such as their hay or feed, as well as tack storage; and, for your convenience, you can drive right out to the barn without opening gates!

Private Pasture board includes our standard feed and hay, and full use of the pasture and facilities as noted in the Barn/Boarding Guidelines. Each horse will have a private pasture and run-in shed. The price is $500/mo.

This will be an option for boarders that need their horses isolated from the herd groups for reasons such as hind shoes, special feeding requirements like T&A, alfalfa, supportive feed requirements, etc. or folks that want their horses kept separate from horses, but still want them essentially pasture-boarded. Horses are free to go in and out of their private barn/stall into their own private pasture. The run-in stalls will not be bedded. If the horses need day-in / night-out service (or vice versa), and stall cleaning, they will need to go full board or you can rent a stall by the night as needed for $25 (boarder price). Overnight use of a round pen is $10 per night.

We feed twice a day and the horses have free choice pasture and allotted hay tossed into a hay feeder. Horses will be fed grain in a fence feeder. There will be an automatic waterer. If you want to feed a special feed, we will be happy to use it, but it doesn’t credit any money back to your board. We can also pick up the feed for you as long as our feed store supplies it, and bill you from their invoice. If you want to supply Smartpack supplements or pre-make containers of supplements (zip locks work well), we will add them to the feed at no charge. We can pre-measure supplements when we make-up the weekly bags at a charge of $20 per supplement, but they need to be available when we set-up the bags on
Tues. morning. Smartpacks may be mailed directly to the barn. Any special feed or supplements that you supply need to also be here before Wed. morning. If horses require a mid-day feeding, there is an extra $100/mo charge. Feed and hay will be stored at the private pasture board barn. You may also store tack there if there is space. You may park your horsetrailer at the barn as long as there is space.

With private pasture board, you do not have use of the main barn stalls, but you can use the other barn facilities. If you like, you can briefly put your horse in a round pen, but please make sure there is always one pen free for use if someone wants to work with their horse there, or offer to remove the horse if another boarder comes up. (Please refrain from using the large round pen on the east side.)

Blanketing services can be provided during cold months for an additional fee of $150 per month.. If your horse is clipped, we recommend some sort of lighter rain/turnout sheet if it is between 30 & 40 degrees, as well as a heavier turnout blanket or rug if it is below freezing. Stable blankets and sheets are not suitable, as they will get wet while turned-out. We usually blanket around 3:30 p.m. during feeding, so if the weather is still warm, we may need to adjust to a lighter blanket. When in doubt, we will use a lighter blanket, as horses can shiver to warm-up, but if they sweat under a blanket, they can actually become sick. We will only blanket once a day. Please have appropriate blankets – not a “layering-up” method and leave the chest closures fastened, as we slip the blankets over the horses’ heads and do not want to re-adjust fit for each horse, each time we blanket. We un-blanket between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. The norm is to strip off the blankets in the morning, though on an especially cold, rainy or windy day we may leave them on until noon, and even have occasionally left them on all day. The blanketing fee is a flat fee whether we do it one time or 30 times during the month. You are always welcome to come blanket your own horse, or change out a blanket if you decide you’d like a different one than is normally put-on for some particular reason. If, because of your schedule, you prefer for us to do one or the other (i.e. evening put on, OR morning strip off) daily, we can do that for $75 /month instead. Some boarders “carpool” blanketing duties, and that is fine.

Also, we can fly-spray your horse. Fly spraying twice a day will be an extra $150 per month, and you provide the spray – or $75 if you want it evenings only. Medications. colic, or injury treatment will need to be addressed on an individual treatment/horse basis to determine a price
We will hold your horse for the farrier if you use the house farrier & are on our normal blacksmith schedule. Checks need to be left prior to the farrier’s arrival. You need to schedule your own horse’s vet appts and do your own worming.

Unfortunately, we cannot board cribbers. If a cribbing strap does not correct the problem, the horse will need to be re-located.